'I think the music touched upon memories which I have long since forgotten.  The music, perhaps, awakened a sense of them.' - certain songs.


What do I want to write about?  I don't know. Uuuuuggghhhhhhh!  See this is writers block in all it's colour and glory right here.  This, THIS, exactly what you're reading is straight up writers block.  Because I have absolutely no idea what to write YAY. Actually, you know what?  Leave a comment if you like.... Continue Reading →

You forget.

'You forget though, that we have the same hiding place... and that I will never, ever let you sit in the dark alone.' - Exert from an in progress poem.

Only friends.

DISCLAMER - This is the first draft of a poem I wrote ages ago and never edited.  I re-read it just now and there are SO many things I would like to change - back then it seemed good, now not so much.  I suppose it correlated with times then, not the present... still, I... Continue Reading →


So go ahead and make a wish, blow it right into the night. Perhaps a star will catch it , maybe a universe or two.  


Some speak of the monsters we have become, But peel off a mask or two and check in a few corners ... all you will find is ignorance.   - modern humans.    

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