I think that… Today is a day to take out some memories from a carefully crafted box forged intricately with hands that got the design just right to hold such fragile things. I’ll take out some memories and comb through them, to feel each yesterday as though it were today, run my fingers through their […]

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What do I want to write about?  I don’t know. Uuuuuggghhhhhhh!  See this is writers block in all it’s colour and glory right here.  This, THIS, exactly what you’re reading is straight up writers block.  Because I have absolutely no idea what to write YAY. Actually, you know what?  Leave a comment if you like. […]

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Only friends.

This is the first draft of a poem I wrote ages ago and never edited: They were never ‘only friends’. Of course they weren’t. Anyone could see it, plain as day. Never. Never had they been an ‘only’ No. They had always been a ‘more’. For in each other they saw galaxies, in their eyes […]

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Some speak of the monsters we have become, But peel off a mask or two and check in a few corners … all you will find is ignorance.   – modern humans.    

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When you must write.

Sometimes, you look at a blank page and see only that… a blank page.  An object which should be filled, it really should, and you know it.  Filled with your thoughts and ideas, filled with your art and beautifully messy strings of mind.  But, in that moment, you can’t.  Well, you think that you can’t […]

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