The drops of water upon my skin became a map of all the people I had met. Some in clusters, like a diagram of the loud voices and screaming laughter conjured from the rush of a party or late night walks, high on ecstatic people. Others lay in solitude, like a simple display of talk […]

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The sound of the rain upon glass resembled the sound of our scattered thoughts, tapping upon people.

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  via Daily Prompt: Passenger I will not be a passenger on this journey of conventionality, of this square mind to fill and body to sculpt. I will not be a passenger, riding upon words of lies which tell us to hate, to fear, to oppress. I will not be a passenger on this rollercoaster […]

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Question – Do you believe in souls? Question to self – Do I believe in souls?  What even are souls? In short (to the second of the three questions), yes, I think I do believe in souls, whatever they may be.  I suppose the concept of there being something more than the skin we walk […]

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We live on a canvas.

We live on a canvas. yeah… those things artists paint on, those things where thoughts and ideas solidify themselves into what we call art, those things where abstract concepts and floating daydreams formalise themselves onto what is merely a – blank space of nothingness. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we live on […]

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