documented moments.

(I wrote this months ago) What may I say to describe this moment? It will be gone soon. What may I do to capture a glimpse, to trap and steal one tiny fragment of this ticking clock? What may I do, to allow you to stumble, to trip into some essence of this fraction of […]

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Question – Do you believe in souls? Question to self – Do I believe in souls?  What even are souls? In short (to the second of the three questions), yes, I think I do believe in souls, whatever they may be.  I suppose the concept of there being something more than the skin we walk […]

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So go ahead and make a wish, blow it right into the night. Perhaps a star will catch it , maybe a universe or two.  

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Some speak of the monsters we have become, But peel off a mask or two and check in a few corners … all you will find is ignorance.   – modern humans.    

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Change. It happens to all of us. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on change in my life quite a lot and I think I’m now starting to realise quite how much things really do shift.  And it’s pretty remarkable because, you see, when you’re in a moment or phase you think it will last forever – […]

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