Question – Do you believe in souls?

Question to self – Do I believe in souls?  What even are souls?

In short (to the second of the three questions), yes, I think I do believe in souls, whatever they may be.  I suppose the concept of there being something more than the skin we walk in seems so beautifully romantic.  Perhaps the idea of souls is just that: an excuse to believe there’s something more.  Because we are all searching for some sort of an answer to ‘why’ and ‘how’.

The main definition of soul is this:

  1. 1.
    the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.
  2. 2.
    emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.
    “their interpretation lacked soul”
    synonyms: inspiration, feeling, emotion, passion, animation, intensity, fervour, ardour, enthusiasm, eagerness, warmth, energy, vitality, vivacity, spirit, spiritedness, commitment;

I personally think we are not merely our bodies, that we are more.  Maybe it’s our emotions.  Yet souls, to me, is what we are.  What we feel, the core of us.  Our essence.

What are souls to you?  Do they even exist in your eyes?


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