We live on a canvas.

We live on a canvas.

yeah… those things artists paint on,

those things where thoughts and ideas solidify themselves into what we call art,

those things where abstract concepts and floating daydreams formalise themselves onto what is merely a –



of nothingness.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say we live on an empty page.

Never go so far as to assume that our canvas is one without paint and colour already growing within the space,

merging and…


Our canvas is alive.

Alive with not only black and white watercolour

but with red and green and gold splendour,

living like flying birds,

dancing like souls can with one another,

taking their stage on this one beautiful page that we call Earth…

We live on a canvas,

and it’s alive you know.

All of it… alive and breathing…

like us.




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