Past vs present.

I wrote this a while ago, and only revisited it now. It’s not as well written as it could be, but here you go anyway, because I haven’t posted in ages: I don’t miss you. No. No – what I’m feeling right now isn’t the ache of lungs burnt out from breathing in too much […]

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documented moments.

(I wrote this months ago) What may I say to describe this moment? It will be gone soon. What may I do to capture a glimpse, to trap and steal one tiny fragment of this ticking clock? What may I do, to allow you to stumble, to trip into some essence of this fraction of […]

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Recently my thoughts have been running dry and my inspiration lacking, Words are an effort and motivation a chore, … What I want for myself lies in smudged ink, my chest nagging at something more… even though I don’t know what that ‘more’ may be. A constant feeling of ‘otherness’, of not being in the […]

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Eye contact.

‘When you look at the human face, you always look at the eyes. An eye has something special about it, it’s made of a different matter than the rest of the face.’ – Gaicometti Pointless talk of nothing, empty words which somehow manage to scream so loud, echoing with a thunderous vacantness… but then, eye […]

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Poem: your heart and its flame.

Inhabit via Daily Prompt: Inhabit They say others live in your heart. They say the people you love make a home there and breathe on inside it. They say that your chest will be a place for beings to seek refuge inside, claiming it, making it their own… inhabiting it. It is a beautiful thing, […]

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