‘You make me feel so much.’

- Certain people.


just an idea?

Hi guys, how's life? Ahhh I can literally never think of a good or catchy intro... oh well I'll just get into it. I was thinking of starting something where, to put it simply, every other week or so you can comment a theme, thought, question... whatever really, and I will write about it somehow.... Continue Reading →

documented moments.

(I wrote this months ago) What may I say to describe this moment? It will be gone soon. What may I do to capture a glimpse, to trap and steal one tiny fragment of this ticking clock? What may I do, to allow you to stumble, to trip into some essence of this fraction of... Continue Reading →


Recently my thoughts have been running dry and my inspiration lacking, Words are an effort and motivation a chore, ... What I want for myself lies in smudged ink, my chest nagging at something more... even though I don't know what that 'more' may be. A constant feeling of 'otherness', of not being in the... Continue Reading →

Eye contact.

'When you look at the human face, you always look at the eyes. An eye has something special about it, it's made of a different matter than the rest of the face.' - Gaicometti Pointless talk of nothing, empty words which somehow manage to scream so loud, echoing with a thunderous vacantness... but then, eye... Continue Reading →

Poem: your heart and its flame.

Inhabit via Daily Prompt: Inhabit They say others live in your heart. They say the people you love make a home there and breathe on inside it. They say that your chest will be a place for beings to seek refuge inside, claiming it, making it their own... inhabiting it. It is a beautiful thing,... Continue Reading →

Hiya again!

Heya people! Just saying sorry for the lack of posts (definitely haven't been posting every week oops!). I've been away and have been so busy doing other things lately that I just haven't had the time. I'm gonna be back from no so just letting you all know, hope everything's going good!


The drops of water upon my skin became a map of all the people I had met. Some in clusters, like a diagram of the loud voices and screaming laughter conjured from the rush of a party or late night walks, high on ecstatic people. Others lay in solitude, like a simple display of talk... Continue Reading →

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